Some Guys Give Boating a Black Eye…VOTE!

My nephew, Pete (another out-of-towner) comes in to show up Uncle Dave. Maybe I should stop fishing and just be a guide?

An interesting thing happened over the weekend on board the Blue Gill. The Cascardo family (Sharon’s sister Linda, her husband Alex, and their children Ryan, Amy, and Peter) came on board to spend a few days playing and relaxing on Raystown Lake.  Sharon and Ariel also arrived – so the Blue Gill is fully staffed.  However, when they got here, they saw something strange: Uncle Dave had a black eye, a skinned knee, and a cut foot.

How does a guy, living alone much of the time, on a houseboat, surrounded by water, get beat up like that?  Sure, they could understand the fact that I haven’t caught many fish.  Heck, they’ve seen that often enough.  But a real shiner?  On the Blue Gill?  Who does that?  What happened?
Before I told them the real story, I asked them for their ideas as to what might have happened to result in this terrible disfigurement of my noble visage.  In an effort to share their creativity with you, the readers, I’ve decided to have another “cast your vote” contest on the blog.  Here are the stories that they’ve come up with as well as the real story.  Read them, and then you vote as to which account you think is most convincing.  You can vote by sending me an e-mail, by visiting my facebook page, or by posting a comment on this entry.  I’m also open to suggestions as to what a suitable “prize” for the person who gets the most votes for his/her story might be.

At any rate, the question is, “How did Dave get the black eye?”  The answers are:

"The Party is Here!" - night life on Raystown Lake..

  1. Dave got lonely while staying on the houseboat, and decided to invite a few other folks on board for a little get together.  Things were getting a little crazy, and at 2 a.m., Dave wanted to show off for his guests by jumping off the roof of the houseboat into the water.  However, while getting a running start, he slipped on a spilled drink and hit his head on the railing before falling helplessly into Raystown Lake.

    The competition????

  2. While on a fishing trip near the Bald Eagle’s nest, Dave spotted a nice bass swimming near the surface of the water.  Dave’s lure got to the fish just before the eagle did, and the enraged eagle then attacked the boat in an effort to feed his family.  Dave’s injuries were the result of the ensuing scuffle.  Since the eagle is a protected species, it emerged from the fracas unscathed.
  3. Dave was out fishing and thought he had hooked into a big one.  Unfortunately, it was only a snag.  He reached to clear it and yanked the pole so hard that he fell into the windshield of the small boat, resulting in his injuries.
  4. While Gene and Mary McCoy (Grammy and Clamps) stopped onto the boat earlier in the week, Grammy was particularly irritated by the plague of houseflies (boatflies?) that filled the small cabin of the Blue Gill.  She found both the flyswatter and the energy to chase these insects; however, in the tight quarters of the houseboat, she wound up smacking Dave in the face with the flyswatter, whereupon he stumbled and fell to the floor in a heap.
  5. Time alone on the houseboat has taken its toll on Dave and, well, the isolation has just gotten to him.  Day after day of fishing, hoping, being quiet, and having limited internet access has resulted in the development of an unusual alter ego (who actually looks a good deal like Brad Pitt).  In the persona of this alter ego, Dave has taken to visiting the other houseboats on the lake and starting fights with the occupants thereon, and while you can’t tell it from reading this blog, there are actually several other houseboats on the lake whose drivers are sporting black eyes, gashed cheeks, or raggedy chins as a result of this nightly violence.

    At least I'm not the only one on Raystown Lake with a black eye...

  6. Dave was enjoying a quiet meal on the front of the houseboat.  However, since he’s such an incurable fisherman, he couldn’t just eat – he had to eat and fish at the same time.  So he set his rods off the back of the boat while he ate his dinner in the front.  All of a sudden, one of the rods looked like it was ready to jump into the water.  In his mad dash to save his fishing reputation, Dave tore through the entire length of the Blue Gill; however, he slipped on the loose “welcome mat” and smashed his face against the dining room chair.
  7. When the fish aren’t biting, it’s just as easy to watch birds as it is to fish.  While out on the small boat one evening, Dave thought he saw something really amazing.  He craned his neck upwards to follow the flight of the bird (taking his attention away from driving the boat) and wound up driving right into a low-hanging tree.

Wow...How did I get from looking like this... looking like this? Yikes!

I know, none of these stories are even remotely plausible, but I assure you, one of them is true.  The question is, which one really happened?  Vote by 11:59 pm on Monday night the 16th of August.  The real story will post on Tuesday the 17th.