Safe in Israel…

Friends, this is just a quick post to let you know that Ariel and I have arrived in Jerusalem.  We left Pittsburgh Sunday at 4:50, arrived in Amman today at 3:15 local time, and made it to Jerusalem by about 7:30 this evening.  As we took the overland route from Jordan through the King Hussein/Allenby Bridge, you might be interested in knowing that the Israelis checked our passports EIGHT times before we were allowed to get on the bus to Jerusalem.

The previous past details where we’re staying.  Let me now just mention the tremendous hospitality that we have found, beginning on our Delta Airline flight, where the cabin crew read over the Lonely Planet Guidebook with us so that we could find the spots that they most enjoy here in the Middle East, and then they gave us four litres of water to carry into Israel with us.  On the bus from the border to Jerusalem, we encountered a young man named Joshua, who not only helped us find the right bus stop, but he got off with us, bought us a drink, and walked us to our Guest House!  Finally, when all the internet cafes were closed, the owner of a coffee shop brought out his own laptop so I could post this message.  No charge.

So please don’t worry about our safety tonight.  We might worry about yours instead.

We have already been to see the Western (Wailing) wall – about a fifteen minute walk from our place.  We enjoyed Falafel and Shawarma for dinner.  It’s a blessing.  A blessing.  More soon.

Shalom, Salaam, Peace,

Dave & Ariel