2018 Youth Mission #1

On Sunday, August 5, a team of young people and adults from the The First U.P. Church of Crafton Heights journeyed about three hours north to the community of Irving, NY, where we will spend the week in relationship with our friends from the Wright Memorial Presbyterian Church. This tiny congregation is located in the midst of the Seneca Nation of Indians Reservation and we are eager to not only come alongside these folks in service, but to also learn more about what the world looks like from this perspective.

We arrived on Sunday and set up shop in the church, which is where we are going to be sleeping, eating, and working all week. We inflated our mattresses, set out our tools, and met our hosts.  Prior to bed, Marla led us in a devotional, we did some singing and talked about our hopes for the week.

Monday morning dawned clear and sunny, and it only got hotter as the day went on.  Half of our team began the work of demolishing some deteriorated walls on the inside of the building in preparation for a CHUP-esque makeover.  It was messy work to be sure, but our team tore down drywall and ceiling tile with vigor.  The rest of our group started work on a small porch and a wheelchair ramp in the rear of the building.  In both instances, we had the opportunity to learn new skills and practice some which have been dormant for a while.

The day got hotter and hotter, and by four pm we were delighted to be able to knock off work and drive a little further into the reservation to take advantage of the swimming pool operated by the Seneca Nation. In addition to providing us an opportunity cool off and play, this is the site where we’ll be showering all week as well.

Our evening included a delicious spaghetti dinner, an exploration of Ezekiel 37 with a discussion about the nature of hope, and some amazingly appropriate ice cream cones.  It was a great beginning to what we hope will be a great week!  Here are a few photos…

Removing old wallboard

Hey, Tim, that must weigh 80 pounds. Let me show you how to carry it…

Show us how it’s done, Evan…

Who ARE those people?

A refresher on the workings of the power saw…

These four young women installed the decking on our 6 x 8 platform essentially by themselves… Tim…um…”helped”.

Alyssa setting up the framing.

Making sure it’s all square…

Does this guy do ANY work?

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about…

What a great way to end the afternoon!

So thanks for all your prayers – we’ll keep you posted in the days to come!

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